«A part of my brain doesn’t work!» The news about Emilia Clarke left everyone heartbroken

 «A part of my brain doesn’t work!» The news about Emilia Clarke left everyone heartbroken

The fans started to pray for Emilia Clarke after the heartbreaking news! 😭🙏 The actress got candid about her battle with brain aneurysms and desire to raise awareness! 🤫😲 The Mother of Dragons revealed all the jaw-dropping details and admitted belonging to a rare group of survivors! 🫢😥 Check them out in this article! 👇

It was at the age of 24 that E. Clarke first faced serious health issues which left a forever mark and failed to go unnoticed. It was during the filming of the first season of the hit series «Game of Thrones» that she was hit by a life-threatening condition – brain aneurysm.

The outstanding actress had to undergo a series of surgeries and rehabilitation before returning to acting.  One day, a seemingly ordinary gym session led to a medical emergency. A slight headache turned into unbearable pain and nausea and she was urgently sent to hospital.

Just imagine Clarke’s astonishment to be diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. The diagnosis was revealed by an MRI and brain scan. A three-hour surgery and the dedicated work of the medical staff paid off. Shortly after recovering, Emilia was diagnosed with aphasia which affected her speaking.

Later, the doctors informed her that the growth on the opposite side of her brain had grown noticeably which led to a cranial surgery with titanium implants.

«I have healed beyond reasonable hopes. I am now at 100%».

It is worth mentioning that she belongs to a rare group of survivors who have fully recovered. It was her silent battles and struggles that led her to establish SameYou, a charity dedicated to raising awareness and supporting individuals with similar conditions.

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