A touching story: the dog begged for a chance to please everyone, but no one wanted to hug her

 A touching story: the dog begged for a chance to please everyone, but no one wanted to hug her

Anyone who sees her escape and also denies the opportunity she is entitled to.

Most of us know that we are not perfect. Dogs can be born with physical defects and limitations that make them different from others and even cause denial and fear.

But, frankly, what can be blamed on these charming creatures for being born with a disability? Therefore, they are much less worthy, or should their lives not be filled with respect and love?

It’s terrible that appearance has such a strong influence on people’s opinions, as well as on pets. As in the example of the dog, whose physiognomy can be disgusting, without taking into account the wonderful experiences that a twisted muzzle hides.

I wish there were no prejudices and everyone learned how to enjoy and appreciate others regardless of their conditions. However, people who are considered unusual because they go against normal patterns of behavior are often rejected in the most unjustified ways.

Every person who sees her escape and denies her the opportunity she deserves.

Bethany is an eight month old Labrador Retriever. She was born with congenital problems that damaged a large part of her small face.

She was rescued from the streets of Ukraine, and it was not easy for her, given that she saw the light.

She desperately needs a caring home.

She is used to being rejected by others who, upon seeing her, believe she has something “contagious” and try to avoid her.

In fact, he has a twisted eye, his gaze is directed the other way, his nose is completely turned towards the ideal side of his face, and also his teeth are fully visible.

When they first meet her, they assume that she is sick or violent, but she is not.

Bethany has been visiting Safe Rescue for Dogs in England for quite some time and has also had trouble finding a home due to her appearance.

Bethany was not lucky to be born with an unsightly appearance in this world.

“She is a great dog: healthy and balanced, pleasant, joyful, obedient, and also loves children,” says a representative of the shelter.

When a potential adoptive family approaches her and looks at her, they choose not to take her with them.

However, Bethany, always confident in herself, believes that someone will surely appear who will forget her shortcomings, as well as appreciate the many virtues that she possesses, which will allow her to find a permanent home.

She wishes for at least one person to find the light that hides her heart.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with Bethany; she doesn’t even snore when she’s resting,” said the volunteers taking care of her temporarily.

People are dissatisfied with the opinion of the shelter workers, who recognize the dog from personal experience, and if they report that taking Bethany without risk, it is only because it is true.

“People are wondering if we are sure that we are doing perfect, and how exactly we understand.” We know she’s fine because we’ve taken her to the vet many times.

“If she was that unwell, she would have been euthanized because that’s her job”, the shelter staff said. “However, she is absolutely fantastic, she is the most beautiful dog I have ever met”.

Many people hunt dogs just to show them in images they upload to social media to make sure others can see how great they are. Not taking into account that little animals that have actually been in terrible conditions in their lives need the most love and care.

People who care about Bethany understand what she is and they never lost confidence that a person with a decent mind who sees the care of a small pet, and not the physical, hugs her and also gives her the opportunity to be part of the family.

“If I lived in this country, I would certainly not hesitate to adopt her; she is gorgeous and entitled to family members who like her; I pray to God that she is also happier, that she has a family that enjoys her, and also protects her from every little thing”, said one of the netizens.

Never let external looks distract you from what is truly useful.

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