A unique story: the mother is already angry that the dog keeps scratching her child, but it was a warning

 A unique story: the mother is already angry that the dog keeps scratching her child, but it was a warning

This dog wouldn’t budge and insisted on waking the baby.

Henry always listens when his masters tell him no, but this time it was different. The dog did not move and insisted on waking the child. When mom and dad heard their little girl crying, they knew something was wrong.

Dogs may not speak the same language, but this does not prevent them from communicating with us. When they want or need something, they communicate it.

We can often treat our dogs better than other people. We know Spot’s certain look means he wants food. For one family, a dog that tried to communicate with them saved their lives.

A Glastonbury, Connecticut family is extremely grateful this holiday season because their dog saved their daughter’s life.

A few days ago, Kelly Dowling was doing all the “mom” things, getting her daughter ready for bed. Everything seemed normal when she was swaddling her baby, the only thing that was different was that the baby was a little cold. Children get colds all the time, but a little sleep is usually the best medicine.

Entering the nursery, Dowling put the baby in the crib and, as usual, went about her business.

It was then that Henry set to work. Henry is the family dog, a Boston Terrier who deserves all the love after what happened next.

When Dowling left the nursery, Henry wasn’t ready to leave. Despite his mother continuing to push him out of the room, Henry seemed oddly determined to go into the nursery and bark.

Any dog ​​owner knows that sometimes barking means nothing. Henry seemed to be making a lot of noise, and this made it difficult for the little girl to sleep. Dowling was unhappy, and Henry was not going to give up. He opened the nursery door several times, eventually waking her up.

Henry usually walks around the house at night, but if he goes somewhere else, a firm “no” is usually enough. When Henry got rejected this time, it didn’t even do him any good. He repeatedly opened the nursery door and found himself next to the crib.

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