A wonderful story: this kind and caring dog visits his beloved friend so that he will not be alone

 A wonderful story: this kind and caring dog visits his beloved friend so that he will not be alone

For the past few weeks, this woman has received a special friend at home.

In the UK, Pringle is part of the Wag & Company dog ​​team, a charity working to improve the lives of isolated seniors.

Having a pet next to us can make a big difference. Elsie, 84, can attest to this. Over the past few weeks, she has regularly hosted a special friend at her home.

Her name ? Pringle. This is a 10 year old female golden retriever. The dog literally changed the life of an eight-year-old boy. The animal lover has had dogs for many years. Unfortunately, she can no longer own it, according to Teamdogs.

So, a lady who lives in Newcastle contacted Wag & Company to visit the dog.

Pringle, a volunteer dog, quickly befriends Elsie. By offering her cuddling sessions, the animal helps her fight loneliness. When the adorable golden retriever isn’t getting hugs and kisses from her new friend, she loves to sleep at her feet.

Pringle even has its own bowl of food and goodies. Every time she goes to Elsie’s house with her mistress, she jumps enthusiastically to the front door. Dog Woman is a real breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine in Elsie’s life.

Fighting social isolation and loneliness

Many older people can no longer keep dogs in their homes. That is why Wag & Company offers its services. The work of the association became relevant during the coronavirus pandemic, when older people lost loved ones and were left completely alone due to health restrictions. An important role in this process was played by four-legged volunteers of the organization.

Today, they continue to fulfill their mission with joy. A few hours a week they bring a lot of love and comfort. This is an opportunity to witness the birth of a very beautiful friendship between an elderly man facing loneliness and an animal, as happened with Pringle and Elsie.

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