After many years, the lost dog finally appeared to its owner

 After many years, the lost dog finally appeared to its owner

It was horrible to imagine that we would never see the beautiful Laila again.

Sophie Hanson had two shows, Laila and her brother Blake. One day in 2009, he let the dogs out.

It was not long before the dogs disappeared. Hanson told The Dodo. “We did not know where the dogs were, whether they had been stolen or not. There was no open door in the yard.” “They just left.”

Hanson and her husband had been searching for dogs for over a year when they saw an item on Craigslist. A man was selling a $ 500 pit bull in San Antonio, not far from their state. That dog was very similar to Blake.

“We went as if we just wanted to buy a dog.” “Of course we took ready-made money with us,” Hanson said. “We saw that the dog was ours and had a very large chain.”

“The dog was a little nervous,” Hanson added. “Everything is over now he is a real teddy bear.”

Janice Rakley saw the dog in 2018. The poor man was very thin and tormented. It was clear that the poor man had been left alone for so many years. Nobody took care of him.

Rakley had to help the dog.

“I just needed to help the dog, but no one wanted to teach him a lesson,” Raklin told The Dodo.

Rakley went to the field every day with water and food. In the early days, the dog was very afraid of Rakley, but then he learned and trusted him.

“It’s been six months since the new dog let me touch him,” Rakley said. “I decided to tie a chain while feeding.” But every time he did not succeed, he ran away as soon as he saw the chain. ”

With the New Year almost over, Rakley realized that this was his last chance to help the dog.

“I hugged the dog and walked to my car for a long time,” Rakley said. “The dog was so good, so cute.”

Laila had adjusted to Rakley’s house and did not want to leave it. It was slowly whispering that the dog had an interesting past.

“The dog did not wake up for a long time, but finally everything was settled,” said Rakley. “She was able to sit up, shake herself and lie down. I was sure they were looking for him. ”

Rakley found out that Laila has a chip.

“My husband and I were walking around the house, checking on the puppies to see if they were there,” Hanson said. “We were already about to go to bed when someone called. My husband turned on the microphone and we said “No way” »

Eight years had passed, but Henson was still looking forward to seeing Laila. She immediately ran to the car. When Rakley kicked Laila out of the house, everyone was looking at them with tears in their eyes.

“”Here you are,” she told me,” “Hanson said.” “Immediately everyone started crying with excitement.”

Of course, so many years passed, but Laila remembered everything.

“His name used to be Scooby Doo because he made so many different noises,” Hanson said. “As soon as my husband said ‘Scooby Doo!’, He kept repeating.”


Here Leyla is returning home.


It was a little difficult to adjust to the new dogs, however he was at home and feeling well. Finally the family was replenished.

“It’s hard to believe everything is fine,” Hanson said. “We look at him, we look back and it is unbelievable to imagine that this poor dog has gone through so many things.”

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