Beautiful marine life: cute dolphins helped a lost baby seal find its way home

 Beautiful marine life: cute dolphins helped a lost baby seal find its way home

Animals can give moments that will warm even the coldest hearts.

Wildlife, especially for a newborn animal, is a dangerous place.

Canadian nature station Oasis HD has filmed a unique video of a pod of dolphins helping a lost seal pup find their way home.

Curiosity drove this little seal to roam the shore, into the deep waters of the ocean, like any other newborn. However, he had no idea that wandering too far from shore could be harmful.

The newborn seal separated from his group at some point, and when he realized that he was alone, he was understandably frightened. At first he tried, but failed, to take care of his parents.

The poor baby, puzzled, began to swim towards the shore in the hope of finally finding his group, but after a few yards the tired creature could hardly hold his head, and everything seemed lost to him.

Luckily for the lost seal, help arrived when it was least expected. When a group of dolphins noticed that a newborn seal was in distress, they decided to help him.

Surprisingly, the missing seal was surrounded by sea creatures who gently redirected it to shore. The extraordinary act of the dolphins ultimately saved the baby’s life.

Even more incredible, this is not the first time a dolphin has behaved in this manner. In fact, the narrator can be heard remarking that the script is just another example of “the bizarre altruistic behavior of dolphins towards other species”.

Dolphins are known to be highly intelligent creatures, and wildlife experts compare their social behavior to that of primates or monkeys.

“The more you understand about dolphins, the more you realize that they really do have the potential and qualities that we think of when we think of humans”, Emory University neuroscientist Laurie Marino told The Associated Press.

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