Beautiful story: a dog could have saved his owner’s life just a few days after meeting her

 Beautiful story: a dog could have saved his owner’s life just a few days after meeting her

The first few days were tough as the dog learned all about homeschooling.

When a shelter dog named Brownie spent two weeks at Analore’s foster home, it was his first time he hadn’t been in the house yet.

“At first he was terrified”, said Molly Analore. “He really didn’t know what to do”.

After 4 appointments at his New Mexico shelter failed, Brownie got another chance at a Colorado shelter. However, he needed a temporary place where he could stay while he waited for transportation, and that’s where Analore and her family intervened.

The first few days were tough as Brownie learned the ins and outs of home schooling. But as soon as he realized that he was safe and also bordered on love, something in the puppy began to change. In just a few days, Brownie learned to deal with his demands with his new family.

“At some point, he would notify me if he needed to go to the toilet”, said Analore. “He rested at the door and wept”.

Analore quickly discovered Brownie’s interaction methods in everyday tasks, but one night he did something completely out of the ordinary. Instead of signaling to his new mom that he needed help, the intuitive pup was trying to tell her that she needed help herself.

Right before cultivating Brownie, Analore began to experience fainting spells and dizziness. One evening with Brownie, Analore felt unwell, and the devoted puppy noticed it right away.

“He doesn’t really like to cuddle, but he just jumped right on my sofa, rested next to me and started hugging me”, said Analore. “I assumed it was a little weird, but after that I really didn’t think of anything else”.

Analore cuddled up to Brownie for a while before deciding to go to bed to rest, still not feeling well. Brownie, who usually kept some distance, refused to lose sight of Analore.

“When I fell asleep, he was at my door, shouting that he was avoiding, scratching the door, and also hitting his head on the door”, said Analore. “It was not normal for him. It was like he was trying to say, “Something’s wrong, let me in now”.

Analore quickly got out of bed, puzzled by his actions, and also let her attentive foster puppy into the room.

“He jumped right on my bed, rested next to me right on my chest, then as soon as my heart stopped beating and I felt better, he just got up and left,” said Analore.

According to Analore, Brownie had never exhibited such habits before. And as soon as her fainting passed, he left.

“He just did everything himself,” said Analore. “He’s such a wonderful boy”.

After two weeks with family members, Analore Browne set off for his final retreat as originally planned. He is currently in foster care with his new home, but the members of the Analore family are intent on bringing him home permanently.

“A dog like this only happens once in a lifetime”, said Analore. “The connection was so strong”.

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