Beautiful story: a sweet horse was delighted when she saw her best friend again after 4

 Beautiful story: a sweet horse was delighted when she saw her best friend again after 4

Even these beautiful animals miss their friends.

The horse goes crazy with joy and continues to lose control when he meets the best friends after 4 years, which makes the heart melt.

3 rope horses named Arthur, William and Harry – close friends since childhood. Their owner is a resident of Great Britain Sue Blagburn, who loves them with all his heart and is very proud of her three horses. However, difficult times come for Blagburn, and she cannot but make the most artistic decision – to sell one of three horses, and this is Arthur.

This decision forced Blagburn to miss Arthur, whom she raised from Pony. The same thing happened with the two best friends of Arthur, William and Harry. It was also the driving force of the intense work of Blagburn for almost five years. When the troubles ended, she immediately bought her beloved Arthur.

On the day when Arthur returns to the house of his childhood, Blagburn is really touched and concerned about Arthur’s reaction to his old games comrades. Perhaps they forgot each other, because in separation they were still a pony. Five years can make them strangers.

Three horses proved that Blagburn’s concern was meaningless. As soon as Harry saw Arthur in the distance, they ran excitedly towards each other. William immediately followed him and joined this touching reunion. They hugged and pressed against each other, even went crazy with joy and rode. Blagburn, who witnessed this touching reunion and returned to him, was very surprised and deeply touched.

After 5 years, the trio resumes its friendship from the place where it stopped. They will be happy to be together, and Blagburn, who watched her children have fun, will also be happy. A great reunion of three horses is evidence that real friendship never ends, no matter how many years have passed.

It’s so beautiful to watch!

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