Beautiful story: this deaf girl learned sign language and now lives a happy life

 Beautiful story: this deaf girl learned sign language and now lives a happy life

In any case, this wonderful dog is in very good hands today.

Pickle had a rough start. Deaf, he was abandoned by his former owners and placed in an asylum. Fortunately, caring people helped him flourish.

When he was only 3 months old, Pickle was handed over to the staff of The Blue Cross, Southampton, England due to hearing loss. His ex-family bought him from a breeder, unaware that he was deaf.

According to Metro, the puppy would be rejected by the other animals in the house…

In any case, Pickle is in very good hands today. When he arrived at the orphanage, he was shy and confused. He was taken care of by Kimberly, the animal welfare assistant, and Kimberly did everything to help her little protégé.

She taught him various gestures such as palm outward to tell him not to move, or thumbs up to congratulate him.

By learning sign language, Pickle overcame his shyness and gained self-confidence. “He became more active and energetic. After such a difficult start that he met in life, it was great to see him so relaxed and joyful”,explained the teacher.

And that is not all…

Piklu was lucky to find a loving and trusting owner. He was recently adopted by a Devon couple who had just mourned their 17 year old collie.

Now Pickle loves to cuddle and walk outside the city, as well as on the beach. He quickly and perfectly adapted to his new life, which is very pleasing. His new owners use the sign language he has learned on a daily basis.

“He is so affectionate, when we kneel next to him, he wraps his paws around our hands”, his adoptive mother said. “It’s like he’s hugging us”.

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