Beautiful story: this unique dog could change the life of a girl with autism

 Beautiful story: this unique dog could change the life of a girl with autism

The appearance of a guide dog in the life of a girl was a huge impetus.

In just a few days, a girl with a form of autism came out of her bladder thanks to a fang.

Ella, 10, suffers from autism spectrum disorder and poor eyesight. Because of this, she was in a state of isolation from a young age and communicated very little with others.

Today the situation is completely different thanks to Diamond, a female Labrador Retriever, who has become her best friend, confidante and source of comfort, according to the Daily Star.

The child’s mother, Nicola Moss, could not accept this. She didn’t expect the bitch to have such an impact on her daughter. The family, who lives in Belper in the English county of Derbyshire, tried different methods for 6 long years, but to no avail. Until the adoption of Diamond in August 2020.

The idea came to them when Ella met another guide dog when she was 4 years old.

This was the turning point; although she had hardly ever spoken before, she spoke her first words to an animal. Then his master suggested that Moss consider this decision.

Diamond is a “miracle” for Ella.

A week after Diamond’s arrival, Ella became much calmer. Gradually, she was able to get rid of the anxiety and isolation that marked her childhood. Now “she has a lot more interactions and her speech is better”, says Nikola Moss.

For the mother of the family, this dog’s ability to sense Ella’s emotional state is crucial. So much so that it is difficult for her to imagine life without a dog. She even calls the process a “miracle”.

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