Cute moment: shelter dog thanks his owner for adopting and taking care of him

 Cute moment: shelter dog thanks his owner for adopting and taking care of him

A dog that was suffering from cough and skin problems caught her attention.

The pictures of all the abandoned animals waiting to be handed over from the shelters are horrendous.

Kayla Filoon regularly volunteers as a dog walker at ACCT Philly, an animal shelter in Philadelphia, and does her best to show the animals in her temporary care as much love and compassion as she can.

The 20-year-old student saw many animals come and go, and she was overjoyed every time one of them was taken.

But something about Russ, a shy four-year-old pit bull mix who suffered from kennel cough and skin problems, caught her attention.

“He was a drifter who got beat up badly”, Kayla told The Dodo. He had no hair on his tail or ears. He was also very weak.

Kayla understood that Russ had a difficult start in life. He deserved to be treated better. She spent more time with him than usual, and immediately realized what a cute dog Russ was.

He was sweet and obedient, but desperate for attention. “All he did was sit peacefully and look at me”. And I thought to myself, “He’s adorable!” “I have to pick him up right now,” she said.

Kayla had other obligations to fulfill before she could help Russ. She couldn’t believe he hadn’t moved an inch when she returned to check on him.

“He was sitting in the same position as before, just silent while other dogs barked and made noise”, the woman continued.

Kayla’s aunt took the picture and uploaded it to social media, where it quickly went viral.

Given how big a love bug Russ is, she hopes the adorable snap will convince everyone else to consider getting a homeless pet.

“I will lie down, and he will bury his head in my hand or put his paw on my chest. He even lies on my chest.

I was worried that his attitude might change after I took him home. But he’s still the same laid-back guy. This is one of the most grateful dogs I have ever seen”.

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