Dogs are wonderful creatures: the dog did not despair and dragged a heavy package to the door

 Dogs are wonderful creatures: the dog did not despair and dragged a heavy package to the door

No one could have thought that one of the stray dogs would become famous.

This ginger dog is completely ordinary. There are many similar dogs on the streets of Bangkok. Smiling locals call these dogs “yard dogs” due to the fact that they inhabit all the courtyards of the city in abundance. However, no one could have imagined that one of these bastards named Pugh would become the most famous and popular dog in Thailand thanks to his outstanding intelligence!

The day it happened, Pugh was wandering aimlessly around Bangkok. His path ran through one of the city dumps. Like any dog, Pugh loved garbage cans and never gave up on them. Then his attention was drawn to strange and unusual sounds coming from a nearby trash can. Interested, the dog climbed into it and saw a package there. From there came a miserable, mute squeal. Grabbing the package in his teeth, Pugh dragged it into the nearest yard. Stopping in front of people, he put the mysterious find on the ground and began to bark loudly and loudly, attracting the attention of the inhabitants. At the heart-rending cries of the dog, one of the inhabitants of the house came out into the street. At first she wanted to get away from the annoying dog, but she saw a bundle and a squeak coming from there.

Now the newborn is fine. They managed to save him. Doctors say that without the brave Pugh, who stubbornly dragged the package with the child for several kilometers, the baby would definitely not have survived. Local reporters learned about the incident, and Pugh became a real city hero. Even the mayor of the city learned about this wonderful story.

He ordered to give the heroic dog a nominal collar. Now anyone who sees him will know that before him is the same Pugh. This incident is a prime example of how smart and loyal dogs are. Truly, a dog is a man’s best friend and companion!

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