Economical Bathroom Remodel Transforms Outdated Space

 Economical Bathroom Remodel Transforms Outdated Space

The outdated bathroom was in dire need of a makeover, prompting the couple to take action😣Their renovation choices sparked mixed reactions 🤷‍♀️ Explore the striking before and after photos in the article below👇

Anna and her husband inherited a flat in a Khrushchevka building. While the flat was in good condition, the bathroom desperately needed renovation. The couple decided to remodel it as cheaply as possible and turned to a specialist from a classifieds website for help.

Anna didn’t have a clear vision for the bathroom’s design, but she wanted it to be bright and spacious, all on a tight budget.

Ultimately, they chose to replace the old cast-iron bathtub with a shower corner. The shower area was tiled and waterproofed, and the washing machine, previously located in the kitchen, was moved into the bathroom. A fabric curtain was installed to protect the washing machine from splashes.

Additionally, the pipes, plumbing, tiles, and furniture were replaced. The entire renovation took 14 days and cost the couple about $1,500.

The couple was thrilled with the result. The bathroom became brighter and more spacious, and the family now enjoys using it.

What do you think of the final result? Would you replace the bathtub with a shower corner?

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