Everyone will definitely want to live in this apartment if they see the result after the renovation

 Everyone will definitely want to live in this apartment if they see the result after the renovation

«From a wretched place to a luxurious home!»😬😍The granddaughter repaired her grandma’s apartment and made a perfect transformation😮🫠Photos after the update will surprise you in this article👇👇👇

Having seen old photos of this apartment, we could not imagine that after the renovation the result would be wonderful. Of course, the apartment was not in terrible condition, but its design required resuscitation.


Before the renovation began, the kitchen was in poor condition and the cabinets were covered with film.

So: the apartment has a bedroom with access to a balcony where there is a large wardrobe, a study, and on the right there is a living room with access to another balcony, a kitchen and a bathroom.

So for now you will see the apartment before the changes. Are you ready to go through every corner of this 3-room apartment? Let’s start with the corridor.

Between the corridor and the hallway there are doors, but in order to distinguish them, Alice chose different flooring materials.

The total area of the apartment is 74 sq. m. m., and the ceiling height reaches 3 meters. This is what the hallway looked like during the major renovation process.

Basic color scheme ochre, terracotta, olive, gray, black, shades of brown and rich yellow. These colors are in every room.

It is usually convenient when the kitchen is in light colors, like white or milky, but here we chose orange and red-brown, but it certainly looks beautiful.

What was the toilet and bathroom like? And now you will see their updated look.

In the bathroom, the girl chose four color schemes from one palette. The combination of dark red with shades of gray looks unique.

This interior is reminiscent of a beautiful autumn. It’s especially beautiful when it’s +13 and there are yellow leaves everywhere.

The bathroom has a large closet for storing towels, linen and other accessories. This is what it looked like during installation.

Then we’ll go to the living room. Previously there was a window with balcony doors. Now there is a panoramic window in this place, which is impressive from the outside.

During the holidays, the dining table is moved from the kitchen to the living room. Look how beautiful a vase with branches and autumn trees look outside the window.

In addition to this table, there is a rocking chair, which was passed down from my grandmother. The most comfortable corner in the house!

It’s great when furniture is universal and always looks natural. This is what it means to be able to choose the right interior elements.

This is what the living room looks like at the moment.

A lot of work has also been done in the bedroom. Please see what the room looked like before the renovation.

The room looks great now. It’s like a picture from a stylish designer magazine.

Each element is chosen so naturally that it fits into the overall concept. Here are the decorative elements. The result is certainly charming.

And the office looks like it’s from the 70s․


The painting on the wall looks unique and adds to the aesthetic.

But a few paintings above the table will definitely take you even deeper into the past, to the 1920-1930s.

What do you think about this renovation? Is there anything that is over the top and what struck you? You can share your impressions in the comments.

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