«Glamorous life in old age!» Here is what the world’s oldest model Daphne Selfe looks like at 95

 «Glamorous life in old age!» Here is what the world’s oldest model Daphne Selfe looks like at 95

«The sought after model even at 95!»❤️Catwalk queen Daphne Selfe still runs a fashion company: not bad for an elderly grandmother🔥😮Agree that she looks fantastic, in the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

Daphne Selfe was born in 1929 in Great Britain. Her height was 168 centimeters, and she did not have measurements of 90-60-90. But Daphne had beautiful feminine forms that were once considered ideal.
So, in the 1950s, Daphne became a famous model after she won a beauty pageant. His photos have gone viral in various fashion advertisements, even food advertisements.


But then she got married, gave birth to three children and left her modeling career. Her children grew up, her husband died, Daphne was left alone and needed to earn her living. She was once invited to a TV show about early models when she was 60 years old. After the show aired, she was surprisingly asked to take up modeling.


Her photos appeared on the glossy pages of fashion magazines. So Daphne continues her work to this day when she is already 95-years-old. Her photos appear in Vogue and other publications, and for each photo shoot the woman earns more than $1,500.
Daphne says that the secret to her longevity and vigor is an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. The model also does yoga.


An advertising campaign is being carried out on the Internet, which has created a sensation. And it’s easy to see why. Daphne wears a form-fitting dress in shades of cerulean blue, and her photograph appears in the advertising campaign. She opened her eyes wide and let her hair fall over her shoulders like Rapunzel. Agree that she still wins hearts!

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