Good story: American soldiers on a mission abroad rescued a puppy which will soon have families

 Good story: American soldiers on a mission abroad rescued a puppy which will soon have families

Three American soldiers rescued three puppies during an overseas mission.

Relationships have been established between humans and animals. Through the association, they help repatriate their little ones to give them a permanent home.

The goal of Paws of War is to help soldiers take care of their pets and repatriate those they rescued while serving. At the moment, the association supports 3 soldiers who want to return home with puppies.

Small dogs named Strawberry, Luna Moon and Duchess were found roaming alone near their overseas base. Trembling all over and hungry, the soldiers picked them up. Furry balls received hearty food, shelter and hugs.

Families look forward to puppies

During their missions abroad, the soldiers sometimes befriended the stray animals they rescued. That is what this story is about. The three main characters are so attached to their kids that they decided to adopt them.

Although they are determined to return to America with their new canine companions, repatriating the animals there often proves difficult… It is for this reason that the heroes turned to Paws of War.

With years of experience, the organization is accustomed to safely transporting pets to another country. The team launched a fundraising campaign to pay for the high costs associated with transportation.

Thanks to the association’s support and generous sponsors, Strawberry, Luna Moon and Duchess, please join your new homes soon!

Relatives of military personnel are looking forward to puppies, according to People. “The Duchess would make a wonderful birthday present for my son”, said one of the soldiers. “And being able to keep her safe at home is an incredible gift for me”.

Three adorable dogs are about to start a new chapter in their lives!

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