Great performance: the couple won millions of hearts with their adorable show

 Great performance: the couple won millions of hearts with their adorable show

The passion this couple showed on stage is evident.

The fun and loud spirit of the song will have you dancing in no time, just like this happy couple. “Rock Around the Clock” was written by Bill Haley.

This 1950s rock and roll tune was the first to simultaneously top the US and UK pop charts.

It was included in Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and is often credited with helping rock and roll gain mainstream recognition.

So it’s not surprising that Sondre and Tanya chose this song for their performance. Their boogie-woogie moves are very fitting for this classic rock ‘n’ roll tune.

To match the song’s energetic tempo, the pair begin their signature fun and passionate dance. Fun, they move in the right way to show this social dance.

The passion they showed on stage is evident. Some viewers move to the music. Seeing them dance will make you feel like you need to catch your breath.

The couple’s show was as moving and powerful as the song itself. The audience can feel the couple’s enthusiasm in their dance.

They are truly accomplished dance communicators. Both Tanya and Sondre are known for their great performances.

The two professional dancers have been performing together since 2015. Their shared appreciation for boogie inspired them to discover the world and share their dancing experiences.

The best way to show off your talents is to look at their great resumes. They have won countless titles.

In addition to their performing and teaching abilities, they are also trainers. Because they cared and enjoyed dancing so deeply, they wanted to share their knowledge with others.

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