Heartbreaking story: this poor corgi mom couldn’t rest after losing her 7 puppies until she met the cat

 Heartbreaking story: this poor corgi mom couldn’t rest after losing her 7 puppies until she met the cat

Sadly, none of the puppies stayed alive and corgi mom was devastated.

The birth of a child is one of the most memorable moments in a parent’s life. This is a magical experience like no other.

This is why many parents celebrate the announcement and birth of their child. Unfortunately, there are parents who are not as lucky as other parents. There are many parents who also want to conceive a child, but cannot. Others lose their children before they are even welcomed into this world.

These moments are very difficult for parents. Pain and sadness are incomparable.

Many parents dream of hugging their children. They dream of teaching children their favorite instrument, book, or values.

Some even dream that their children will grow up just like them.

One Corgi mother had almost 7 babies.

Irma was a beautiful and loving Corgi mother expecting seven puppies. She and her owner Joanna were delighted with the addition to the family.

So on Irma’s birthday, Joanna made sure Irma was comfortable and in order.

However, something was wrong. They were excited that Irma would soon give birth to her children, but they could not help feeling that something was wrong.

Fearing the situation, Joanna took Irma to the vet. She will not let her corgis and her puppies be in danger.

When they got to the vet, they learned that Irma needed an emergency C-section. Irma was operated on immediately.

Unfortunately, none of them succeeded. Irma was devastated.

She couldn’t believe her cubs were dead. Even Joanna felt very sorry for Irma. They went home with a heavy heart.

Joanna saw Irma’s sadness, so she figured out how to brighten up her dog’s life, and surrogacy was the answer.

Joanna brought home a two week old kitten.

The best thing about this kitten is that it is the same color as Irma’s fur. Can we talk about randomness? At first, Irma didn’t want to deal with the rough and clumsy nature of the kitten.

The kitten continued to get her attention, and she was a little shy to interact with her.

In the end, Irma began to warm up to the kitten.

Today they are almost inseparable.

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