Here’s this great idea: a 12-year-old boy sewed bow ties for shelter dogs to be adopted

 Here’s this great idea: a 12-year-old boy sewed bow ties for shelter dogs to be adopted

This kind-hearted boy is doing his best to help dogs from shelters.

Dogs are amazing creatures because they give us unconditional love and loyalty like no other and expect nothing in return.

Despite the fact that we must respect, love and protect these magnificent creatures, as well as other animals, there are still a large number of abandoned pets that end up in shelters.

Also, we should all know that the life of a shelter animal is far from easy.

As a result, when I hear about kind people who are doing everything possible to make the lives of these animals a little better, my heart skips a beat with joy.

This is the story of Darius Brown, a kindhearted young man who goes out of his way to help shelter dogs find a home in such a wonderful way.

Four years ago, Darius was diagnosed with fine motor skills, and the rest is history. To cope with his illness, an 8-year-old boy began to help his older sister cut fabric for bow ties.

Darius was immediately interested in this. After hurricanes Harvey and Irma, he realized that he could use his passion to help all affected animals.

“I saw all the destruction and wanted to help, but didn’t know how”, Darius explained to Rachel Ray.

In his opinion, a puppy is more likely to be adopted if he wears a bow tie.

Since then, the boy has created his own charitable foundation Beaux and Paws. Practically, Darius creates thousands of bow ties and then donates them all to animal shelters.

His fine work has been recognized throughout the country. He even received a letter from former US President Barack Obama thanking him for his work.

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