Interesting story: the little dog looked angrily at his owner who tricked him into taking him to the vet

 Interesting story: the little dog looked angrily at his owner who tricked him into taking him to the vet

Of the most ordinary things, the little dog staged real mini-performances.

Somewhere in the depths of Iriska, an actress of large and small theaters was dozing. Of the most ordinary and everyday things, the little dog made real mini-performances. For example, if Boss Lena forgot to add food to the bowl in time, Toffee would make an offended face and almost lose consciousness. Before the walk, the dog growled disdainfully if Lena took too long to get ready or comb her hair. Toffee was more than okay with feelings.

The pinnacle of Iriska’s theatrical skills was a visit to the veterinarian, which turned into a real show. And during the injections, he was confused every second. Before the injection, he began to squeal, and then forgot to immediately respond at this time.

“It doesn’t hurt at all, does it? You just want to feel sorry for yourself, don’t you? the doctor smiled.

Toffee complained to the hostess, but as soon as she saw the sweets, she immediately forgot that she had to pretend to be offended.

Bringing risk to the veterinary clinic has always been a big deal. The dog didn’t really know the commands, but he remembered the word “veterinarian” very well and, having heard it, he immediately turned on the bizarre mode. And then he even climbed into his “fortress of loneliness”, that is, under the sofa. It was impossible to get out of there.

In general, when it was time for another habit, Lena decided on a tactical move. Well, at least he thought so. If you ask Toffee, he will call it a vile deception and fraud.

“Iriska, let’s go for a walk”. Lena laughed out loud. And in a second, little paws were already at the door. The dog also knew the word “walk” well.

Toffee was not ashamed of the non-standard time of the walk, nor of the fact that the owner chose a different route. The vet was only two blocks away, but Iriska went there all the time. Therefore, this time he gladly followed Lena and did not come up with anything strange.

So much was Iriska’s surprise when they entered the familiar hall. The dog looked around, then looked back at his master, as if judging him for his deceit.

On that day, Iriska was so offended by Lena that she even forgot to portray earthly pain during the vaccination. Of course, he swallowed the yummy, but in every possible way made it clear that the conflict was not resolved in this way.

Before going to bed, Lena even cried a little. She was so ashamed of her deceit.

Toffee, already settled on her couch and yawning, listened attentively to her master. And then he got up, walked over to the bed and carefully jumped up. Usually in such cases he was sent back to the sofa, but not today …

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