Lovely scene: a loyal dog entered the ambulance to be with the owner

 Lovely scene: a loyal dog entered the ambulance to be with the owner

Nothing beats a dog’s heart when it comes to loyalty.

The love and devotion of a dog to its human is unlike anything else on the planet. They are, after all, known as man’s best friend. However, pets never cease to amaze us!

Anderson Bahi, a Brazilian, was driving home when he saw something that broke his heart. The faithful dog just got into the ambulance that was taking his owner to the hospital.

The senior citizen apparently went for a walk with his dog when he became ill and eventually passed out on the road. An ambulance arrived shortly after, but it was the man’s dog which showed a truly beautiful gesture of devotion and loyalty.

“I was driving when I noticed an ambulance pulling up to the right of the road”, Anderson explained to DODO. This dog’s devotion to his father is incredible. “Love Betrayed”.

The first rescuers saw the sick man’s dog as soon as he entered the ambulance, so sooner or later they left the place to sit next to him and calm him down.

But the dog’s loyalty didn’t end there. When they arrived at the hospital, the man was taken inside for questioning.

However, the faithful dog had to stay outside because animals are not allowed in the hospital. That is exactly what she did. A lovely dog ​​sits in front of the hospital waiting for his best friend to come home.

Photos of the faithful dog quickly went viral on social media, prompting Maria Lcia Muniz, a local lifeguard, to rush to the hospital when she learned of the heartbreaking incident.

Fortunately, this was not necessary because the pet owner was in the hospital for less than an hour before returning home with his cherished four-legged friend.

Maria told The Dodo: “It was quite emotional”. “Thank God the owner was only in the hospital for 45 minutes”.

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