Nobody adopted a poor dog because of its nose.

 Nobody adopted a poor dog because of its nose.

For months the dog waited impatiently for someone to come after him.

When Clifford was born, he was diagnosed with a cleft palate. When the family found themselves outside, they realized that it would be better to take the dog to a shelter, at least with that help.

It was a difficult decision to make, but they took the dog to Boston Medical Center and reported his adoption through MSPCA-Angell.

Because of his illness, the dog needs to be fed a different diet. Everyone loved him at once.

Will Stoltenberg volunteered there at the time, and he immediately became close with Clifford and decided that the dog would be his.

“After looking at all the dogs, I always approached Clifford, he was a real miracle,” Stoltenberg said. “She was very happy when I approached her. And it was just necessary to give him everything he deserved. ”

Stoltenberg took the dog home. He realized that the dog was afraid of everything. The guard slowly got the dog used to everything. Here, Clifford already likes to hang out with people and take a lot of walks. He completely changed.

After a long struggle, surgery was performed, after which the fracture became smaller. Of course, he was a little different from other dogs in his nose. People were nervous at first, then realized that the best dog was Clifford. He was very sociable and kind.

“Clifford likes to play with people with toys. “If everyone is asleep at home and he has a cold, he approaches and kicks him, explaining that he needs something.”

Even though Clifford was a little different from other dogs in appearance, he was even kinder to many. He just wants to be with people.

“His voice was not like that of an ordinary dog, with a crack in its mouth. And for me, being different makes her better. ”

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