Spouses transformed an apartment with an old renovation beyond recognition and became local stars

 Spouses transformed an apartment with an old renovation beyond recognition and became local stars

My family and I didn’t listen to anyone and bought an eyesore apartment! 😲❓ The miserable apartment with torn wallpaper and decaying walls has changed beyond recognition! 🏚️➡️🏠 It is definitely one of the most phenomenal transformations you have ever seen! 🤩👏 For the final results – see the article! 👇

It has already been a year that this large family moved in here. The initial condition of the apartment left a lot to be desired, yet it failed to scare them off and nothing and no one could change their mind. A decision was made to give it a radical makeover.

The first task was to organize the redevelopment. They decided to combine the living-room and the kitchen. The hallway has become part of the common space. They laid large porcelain tiles on the floor. The hallway was separated from the living room by a lattice partition. They also installed a large storage system for outerwear and shoes.

White was chosen for the walls and the ceilings in the kitchen-living room. It features a sofa area in the center. The set was made of special material «phoenix» made to order. The upper tier goes up to the ceiling to the increase the amount of storage space. The dining area appeared closer to the living room.

One of the rooms was given over to an office as the works from home. The office windows face the sunny side. It was decided to put shutters on the windows, and the room itself was decorated in dark, rich colors. One can see a work area near the window.

The bedroom is decorated in a rich emerald color. There is a bed on a podium in the middle of the room. The podium now has extra storage place and part of the wall at the head was lined with decorative black brick. The children’s room is also decorated in an extraordinary color. The room features a work area too.

Shades of green were chosen for the interior of the bathroom. It has been designed in a modern way and deserves our attention.

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