The blind dog, full of life and energy, became a wonderful friend of a man who saw him in a shelter

 The blind dog, full of life and energy, became a wonderful friend of a man who saw him in a shelter

He gained calmness and confidence in the future, and this is already a lot.

In Cairo, there is a large center for animals with acquired or congenital development deviations. This is Furever Rescue Foster.

For many years, volunteer Ahmed Embabi has been working here for many years, thanks to the efforts of which more than a hundred disabled dogs turned out to be the object of care and subsequent adaptation of the center.

But Ahmed’s especially warm relations with a dog named Araf.

The dog is blind. And, as often happens in animals with such ailments, his other feelings are extremely aggravated. In particular, smell and hearing. Thanks to this, even without vision, they will never confuse their loved ones with others.

For example, Araf recognizes the voice of Ahmed from afar, and as soon as the volunteer appears in the center, the dog runs toward him.

Ahmed himself is always glad to such meetings and says that every day of his appearance in Furever Rescue Foster turns into a surge of such stormy positivity and devotion that Araf does not get tired of demonstrating.

Yes, the dog can never see the diversity of the world around him, but having got into the shelter, he gained calm and confidence for tomorrow’s day, but this is already a lot. It is noticeable that Araf recovered and became more friendly with both people and representatives of his kind.

His attachment to Ahmed Embabi is vivid evidence of warm feelings for a person. True, for many reasons, Ahmed cannot take Araf home but does everything to make the blind dog find a family.

And he believes that such a friendly and faithful dog will find a worthy owner sooner or later. Although he understands that finding a person who wants to start a blind dog is not so simple.