The cat with a hearty nose was blessed earlier giving parentage to a kitten.

 The cat with a hearty nose was blessed earlier giving parentage to a kitten.

An excellent family is required for a cat with a heart-shaped nose.

A pretty cat saved from the streets, she continues birthing to kittens. It was the beginning of August 2019, when Nicolle Azar Thomson caught a bright gray-white cat. The hearty nose of the cat shows her inner essence. She was not alone, she has small kitty from another litter she’d had just months  ago.

And now, a mother cat with a pretty heart-shaped nose was due to give birth again in just a few days!

The first day during the trapping, Nicolle was able to catch the kitten, but the mother sagely avoided the traps. The kitten was about 5 months old and this cutie is a girl. Nicolle gave the name her “Kibbles”. So it was very surprising that she was not already pregnant. This meant that the mother cat had to be pregnant after the first birth. If it was even the first time.

The next day, Nicolle should catch the cat. She hugged the mother-cat, whom she named Charlotte.

I was there for the first time on August 5, there was Kibbles, and there was no Charlotte. The next day Charlotte was there. I naturally changed the technique. While feeding, I bribed her and caught her easily. Then I’m sure she will not go to the streets again!

Unfortunately, Charlotte’s behavior was not so noticeable in the Kibbles, who doesn’t want to become a cat that can only be taken into the house. Nicolle spayed her, vaccinated her, and now she lives back in the apartment complex. So Kibbles decided that life in the house/out of the house was now acceptable. Maybe someday she will be entirely transformed.

But for Charlotte, her story was about to get a little more complicated.

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