The family gave their old apartment a fantastic makeover and blew up the network with the final outcomes

 The family gave their old apartment a fantastic makeover and blew up the network with the final outcomes

With a small budget and without anyone’s help, my wife and I transformed this ugly place into a dream apartment! 🏚️➡️🏠At first, our neighbors laughed at us, but then they wanted their words back! 😉🤘People called it an «eyesore», but we saw potential in it! 🧐🤫For the before-after photos – see the article! 👇

A decision was made by our heroes, a married couple, to radically transform their apartment and make their cherished dream come true. Already sick and tired of the old renovation, they took the risk and now nothing could stop them. Since they both had no underground as a designer, they turned to a specialist who would help them make a plan.

In the hallway, they wanted to create a bright and comfy space, so light shades for the walls and floors were chosen. The flooring here is large-format glossy tiles, and the wall is covered with wallpaper in a light neutral shade. Storage systems, a console and a compact bench found their place here.

The floor is laid with the same tiles as the entrance lobby. At the entrance to the kitchen there is a dining area with a round dining table. The interior boasts a large number of mirrors, and the kitchen is no exception. A linear kitchen set with milky-colored facades was installed against the wall. The apron and worktop are made of porcelain stoneware. And the fridge is located to the left of the entrance to the kitchen.

They covered the walls in the living area with wallpaper too, and engineered wood is used on the floor. A spacious stylish sofa was placed on the left wall from the entrance, next to which they placed a chic blue armchair. Opposite the soft group a TV zone found its place.

Their choice fell on light and warm colors for decorating the bedroom. In the center of the room there is a large double bed. Built-in wardrobes were installed on both sides of it: one for the hostess, the other for her husband.

A children’s room resembles the master bedroom very much. Its contents are very similar: a large bed, a dressing table, bedside tables, an armchair and a chest of drawers with a TV. On the adjacent balcony there is a workplace and a small dressing room.

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