The man left everyone speechless by showing what a 10՛x10՛ sized «nest» he lives in

 The man left everyone speechless by showing what a 10՛x10՛ sized «nest» he lives in

«He spent only $1,500 and the result is amazing!»👏😍This man built tiny house 99% of which is out of recycled or secondhand materials🏠🙌Just see in the article what he has done👇👇👇

A man decided to build himself a tiny home using 99% recycled or reclaimed materials. It takes a lot of strength to get such a beautiful result.

Rob Greenfield is an environmentalist and environmentalist. He wants to convey the message that we can have a fulfilling life by buying less. His cozy 10×10 foot home has minimal materials.

Let’s take a virtual tour of this small corner where he provides himself with everything he needs and enjoys the proximity of nature. The most interesting fact is that he built it all for $1,500.
This house needed reworking and repurposing once again. Rob obtained materials, such as wood and flooring, from neighbors and locals who no longer needed them. He noticed that they were still in good condition, so he decided to buy them at a low price.

His windows, doors and furniture, like his chair, cost only $15! When it comes to interior space, in a house this small, you might wonder what fits in there. Rob doesn’t have much stuff and his cozy 10×10 home is perfect for him.

The house has shelves with clothes, toiletries and hygiene items. Here you will find baskets of fresh fruit, jars of honey and enzymes. To make the most of the space, he created a raised bed with additional storage underneath.
When needed, he uses folding foam that can serve as both a bed and a sofa.

He has a freezer to store food and packs it in ziplock bags so he always has everything he needs on hand.
The only service Rob pays for is electricity, for which he uses an extension cord connected to his neighbor’s house, and the cost is only $10.

In summer, the windows provide a pleasant cool breeze, and the short winter does not create any big problems for it. It uses rainwater for cleaning and drinking needs.

He has two toilets «Number 1» and «Number 2», and they are disposed of separately. Rob grows his own food and has developed a way to do it on a large scale. He plants a variety of vegetables in his backyard and tends to them every day. Thus, he provides food not only for himself, but also for others.
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