«The silence is broken!» Let’s shed light on the unspoken parts of Michael Jackson’s life

 «The silence is broken!» Let’s shed light on the unspoken parts of Michael Jackson’s life

He had all his children with Rowe, but she was NOT the one whom he loved with his whole heart! 🤫😮Few know that his first wife was Lisa Marie Presley and they separated due to Jackson’s desire to have children! 💔🥺 Recently, Paris, his only daughter, has unveiled some facts about the King of Pop which you can learn from this article! 👇

Born in Gary, Indiana, Chicago, Michael Jackson started his incredible musical career at a young age. Initially, he became well-known as a member of his father’s musical group and captivated large audiences with his breathtaking performances and great talent.

All his efforts, diligent work and long hours of practice shaped him as a musical legend who started a new era in the entertainment industry and was titled «The King of Pop». It was his album «Off the Wall» which included his incredible dancing movements and vocal abilities. It was his «Bad» album that went viral and established him as a music giant.

His tragic passing in 2009 brought the entire world to tears. To say that his role in music and entertainment industry is crucial and irreplaceable is nothing to say. What concerns his personal life, it evoked no less public interest. His first wife became Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa, with whom he was madly in love.

They got married secretly in 1994 and divorced 20 months later becoming one of the strangest couples in pop. The reason for their split lied in his desire to have kids. Later, one midwife named Debbie Rowe offered Jackson her help and son gifted him with his three heirs.

The life and career of Paris has never ceased to be the center of attention. She is currently on her way to establish herself as a star following in her father’s career footsteps. She has always highly appreciated her legendary father’s artistic abilities, resilience and enthusiasm.

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