The So Long-Awaited Reunion!

 The So Long-Awaited Reunion!

There’s apparently nothing we love more than reuniting with our friends we haven’t seen for a long time. The same phenomenon can be mentioned about the reunions with our cute petties.

When Laila the cute pit bull was reunited with her owner Christina Baez the little wonder ran to her favorite owner so quickly that the scene will surely warm your heart.

You can enjoy watching  the doggy’s incredible reaction below!

During her service in the navy Baez managed to find a foster family for Laila the cutie a special organization which specializes in finding temporary homes for the stray animals.

Fortunately, Laila the cutie got a very caring and kind foster family. After being parted the favorite owner and Laila the cutie were finally reunited and when watching the reunion video no one can hold his tears back.

Laila’s serenade for Anna is too cute to miss.

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