The sons of Hollywood actors look dazzling, although their fathers are getting older

 The sons of Hollywood actors look dazzling, although their fathers are getting older

Almost all Hollywood actors have very handsome sons.

The fathers will soon be retiring, but their sons now look so great that they have a lot of fans.

Patrick Schwarzenegger

Arnold, as everyone knows, has five children. Of course, each of them took something from their father. But it seemed that only one child inherited the best from his parents – the character of Arnold and the appearance of Maria Schwaier. He is Patrick. He decided to follow the same path as his father. Of course, he did not become a bodybuilder. He is an example of an established fashion, he is a future actor.

Milo Gibson

Mel Gibson is the father of nine children. He even has a son with Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva. His son Milo was born to nurse Robin Moore. In general, over the long years of living together, he gave his chosen one seven heirs. Milo decided to become an actor, participating in his father’s film for the first time. He is sometimes filmed for various magazines.

Rafferty Law

Jude Law is the father of five children. His daughter Iris and son Rafferty are the most famous. They say that Rafferty has every opportunity to become more famous than his father. He has a hobby: playing in the rock band Dirty Harrys.

Raymond Nicholson

It is officially known that Jack Nicholson has five children from four different women. But there are rumors that he actually has much more heirs, he just does not spread rumors about them. Rebecca Broussard gave birth to two children, Lauren and Raymond. By the way, the latter was born when his father was already 55 years old. Unfortunately, Raymond did not bring good luck in his acting career. He starred in one film, after which the directors ceased to be interested in him.

Chester Hanks

Of course, everyone knows the son of Tom Hanks Colin, who was born from the first wife of actor Samantha Lewis. But we can’t help but talk about Chester. It came from the actor’s second marriage to Rita Wilson, which lasted over 30 years. The young man has an incredibly attractive appearance, thanks to which he has many fans. He went to university and got married. Now he takes care of his daughter. Chester can often be seen in various youth soap operas.

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