This is cute: a cute elephant thinks that his mother’s savior and all day follows her

 This is cute: a cute elephant thinks that his mother’s savior and all day follows her

They are inseparable, and he follows her everywhere even lying on the couch.

No one can resist before the elephants will lose their mother. Fortunately, some people are ready to turn their whole world upside down in order to save the excellent wildlife.

Roxy Dankvers has been caring for sick and orphaned animals for two decades. She always worked on the protection of wildlife, which threatens with its natural habitat and is exploited for the good of man.

Roxy recently returned home with a recently discovered elephant, who was thrown on the shores of Lake Cariban in Zimbabwe. Moyo, which means “heart”, was given to the boy.

Myo was only a few days of the family, and he weighed only 123 pounds when he was carried away with water when he tried to cross the flooded river with his elephant family. It is delivered to the Roxy rescue center, Wild is Life, to Harara, where he adapts to his new environment and follows Roxy, wherever it goes.

They are as close as mother and son can be!

Roxy took care and rehabilitated many elephants before letting them back into the wild, but Roxy will take a little more time with myo, because he was afraid and fell ill. At first, Roxy even slept next to him every night until she won his trust.

These two are now inseparable, and he follows her everywhere, even sleeps on the couch next to her.

Take a look at these two charming souls together, as well as my love for Roxy. When myo is ready to release in the wild, for these two this will be a real test, but Roxy knows that this is for the better for a small elephant!

Once they will have to part, but their hearts will always be together!

Her love for the elephant is so sweet. How great it is to have such a pet !!!!

God bless you for taking care of this animal, and may God bless your family

Bless the little elephant!

Watch the touching story in the video below:

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