This man had fallen 70 feet and was waiting for help when a true savior appeared

 This man had fallen 70 feet and was waiting for help when a true savior appeared

This dog led rescuers to his owner who broke his ribs and hip after a 70-foot fall.

California border collie Saul is hailed as a hero and a real “Lassie” after he led rescuers to his owner, who broke his ribs and hip after falling 70 feet.

That evening, the 53-year-old owner was walking in a remote part of the Tahoe National Forest when he passed out. Despite the broken bones, he was eventually able to get to a location with a cellular connection to call the local authorities.

A search party of about 25 people and employees of the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office immediately began searching for the man who remained in the forest.

“Some of the seekers thought they heard a sound but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from,” the sergeant said. This was reported to KRCA by Dennis Hack. The police were trying to tap the man’s phone when his dog Saul came out of the woods.

The New York Times reported that the dog made eye contact with some members of the search party.

He then circled around before running 20 feet in front of them and leading them to where his master was. Rescuers spoke on the radio.

Rescuers said it was Lassie’s full speed.

“The real credit goes to subject K9’s Border Collie, who ran through the woods for about 200 yards and in true ‘Lassie’ style to show off the two seekers,” the group said in a Facebook post. TV show Lassie, who was known to save people in this way.

Saul’s master was found lying in the mud under a tarp.

“They started following him. They went somewhere between 150 and 200 yards and went straight to the victim,” Haq told NBC.

The owner was airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries and repeatedly asked to be reunited with his best friend Saul.

Saul was cared for by a non-profit organization while his owner was in the hospital.

“Great job and skill from all involved today and the Border Collie was brought to Grass Valley and given a well-deserved lunch”, the Facebook post read.

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