This man had saved the dog from the burned area and made the animal his loyal friend

 This man had saved the dog from the burned area and made the animal his loyal friend

An American firefighter saved a dog’s life twice and became his friend.

First by pulling him out of a burning building, then by becoming his new owner and best friend, thus saving him from euthanasia.

Knowing that their dog’s health had been badly damaged by the fire and that he needed expensive care, his family demanded that he be euthanized.

For the fireman who saved him, this was out of the question. He decided to be her new father, according to People.

It all started in September 2021. Then a fire broke out in an apartment in Des Moines, Iowa. Malcolm Kortner was among the firefighters who arrived at the scene of the fire.

Upon entering the building, he and his colleagues found a 16-month-old mastiff unconscious from inhaling poisonous smoke.

Without wasting a moment, the fireman led him out of the building and confided in his colleagues, who also gave him quadruped oxygen. This allowed the animal to regain consciousness, but it is still not out of danger.

After examining him, a veterinarian from the city’s animal control department found that the mastiff had significant injuries. He informed his then owners and explained that he would have to undergo expensive medical treatment to save him. Otherwise, he would have been euthanized.

They chose the 2nd option. However, Malcolm Kortner disagreed. He offered to take the dog and pay for its treatment. His request was granted, and the dog, whom he named George, was able to heal.

Today, George is doing well, he has a new home and a new family that loves him, the family of the man who saved his life.

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