This wonderful rescued pit bull looked at his owner with a frown, afraid that the cat would take his place

 This wonderful rescued pit bull looked at his owner with a frown, afraid that the cat would take his place

A cute rescue pit bull was jealous when he realized the cat would take his spot.

The cute rescue pit bull couldn’t help but be jealous when he realized that a new kitten would take his place. However, what happened next between them was the most emotional event we have ever witnessed.

Sterling is our protagonist, an adorable pit bull who had a difficult life from birth until he was rescued, taken to an orphanage and adopted by Bethanny Leigh.

She knew that the little pit bull was subject to abuse, so she was ready to devote all her care to the puppy until she could make him the kindest and most reliable friend.

Sterling was very small when he was held by his new owner, who bottle-fed him like a baby, and he had huge scars on his chest and legs. The little pit bull listened to the instructions with great care and love.

Leigh has always been an advocate for small animals and has been an activist since childhood, helping to save various small animals in a variety of situations.

The adoring pit bull has obviously followed in his owner’s footsteps and become the best foster brother for every little animal that walks around Leigh’s house.

One day, Leigh stumbled upon an adorable abandoned cat in the McDonald’s parking lot and, as expected, picked her up and brought her home. For some reason, Sterling had a strong bond with the cat.

Lux initially seemed intimidated by the presence of the huge pit bull, while Sterling seemed envious. It was as if he was afraid that the kitten might have a special place in his owner’s heart, which he despised. However, over time, they became inseparable. In this regard, Leigh says the following:

The bond between a kitten and a large pit bull has grown stronger over time. The cute puppy stunned even two-year-old daughter Leigh. Leigh had no idea what would happen if he was adopted and had to leave because the big pit bull was happy to protect his new adopted brother.