Touching scene: this wonderful dog with a broken leg led vets to her cute puppies

 Touching scene: this wonderful dog with a broken leg led vets to her cute puppies

Pet with broken leg leads veterinarians two miles to her puppies.

A greyhound with a broken paw was discovered by psychologist Liana Powell jumping into a market in Vera, Spain. After realizing that the domestic dog had a broken leg as well as a slender, unhealthy body, Leanne Powell immediately took her to the veterinarian for treatment.

There, they noticed that she was producing milk, and they also learned that the pet had young puppies. Rapid detection of fragile infants has become an urgent job. “We put a collar on her and a long leash… After that, we just followed her… She knew where she was going”, said veterinarian Ellen Sobry.

They think this mama dog must have given birth in a very hot area. They were amazed when the pet, now named Vera after the city she was in, miraculously led them both on a three-kilometer walk straight to their tiny children. Vera’s children were found in an abandoned car. There were ten young puppies in the back seats.

The adorable young puppies were fat as well as healthy and well-balanced when they were found. Vera had surgery on her leg and is currently “recovering great, the only thing she needs right now is to eat, feed her little puppies and sleep. She’s a little shy, but not overly scared”, said veterinarian Ellen. Doctors are working with Ibizan Hound Rescue in Murcia, southern Spain, to find shelter for orphaned dogs when they are healthy enough to leave the facility.

Southern Spain actually became famous for the large number of abandoned greyhounds called galgos due to mass breeding in order to find good house dogs hunting. Ellen stated that winter is especially bad for the breed, as many owners are known to abandon their dogs during the off-season and acquire brand new ones when the hunting season starts again.

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