What a beautiful story: this little dog cried with happiness when he was finally saved from loneliness

 What a beautiful story: this little dog cried with happiness when he was finally saved from loneliness

This poor dog looked sad, crying because of his pitiful state.

Puppy cries when he realizes he is being rescued after being abandoned

So they took him to the vet for all the routine checkups.

This poor dog looked sad, crying from his miserable condition. He was in pain, and it was obvious, although the doctor still had to run some tests.

Those eyes were filled, as described in the video, with pain and melancholy.

Being alone on the road meant that the dog was exposed to all kinds of pollution and dirt. He was covered in ticks, which must have been unbearable since he had many wounds.

Even there, on the vet’s table, the poor dog continued to tremble in pain and fear.

His wounds festered and he suffered from leptospirosis. It is curable, although the mortality rate is high.

The only theory they could come up with was that perhaps this dog continued to be mistreated by larger dogs in the care of a negligent owner.

Under the care of lifeguards and a veterinarian, this poor puppy was forced to stay in a cage during treatment. While they were talking to him, he got a lot of food.

And the good news is that this once-abandoned puppy responded well to all of his treatments. It took this good boy only twelve days to feel better, to the point where he wanted to leave his cage. After all, it was boring.

He no longer cries and even sometimes looks up and smiles.

When the veterinarian submitted a new test for leptospirosis to the lab, they received nothing but good news. Now look how crazy he is in this cage.

They called this strong boy Fedor.

And now, after two months of resuscitation and careful treatment, Fedor was soon discharged, happily walking and positively barking at everyone around.

Like he was a brand new dog.

“Fedor really was a brave and steadfast warrior”.

Fedor is healthier, happier and definitely stronger. Just look how he cuts this piece of chicken.

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