What a great story: this kind and caring old man makes coats for penguins

 What a great story: this kind and caring old man makes coats for penguins

The granddad contributed an amount of work to the Knits by Nature campaign.

Alfred Date, who learned to knit long ago, spent his final years proving that we can always do something to help those in need. He spent his time teaching others how to knit.

Little did he know at the time that this hobby would one day become his main interest and have a significant positive impact on the lives of other penguins.

The amazing grandfather did a great job with the Knits by Nature campaign. Volunteers knit beautiful sweaters to protect the penguins from the damaging effects of the oil spill.

As a result of these terrible events, the ecosystem of Australia, as well as all of its marine life, was under serious threat.

In 2001, 438 young penguins were affected by the spill. Fortunately, 96 percent of them were saved, and according to Lauren Barker, who works for the Foundation, the sweaters have had a huge impact on the organization’s mission.

The moment a penguin enters the area where the spill has occurred, its feathers are immediately covered in oil and then exposed to harsh weather conditions.

These poor animals cannot swim or forage as they continue to gain weight, which is terrible for them.

It would be scary enough if the penguins tried to clean their feathers with their beak, but then they would eat the poison, which is deadly. This exacerbates the problem than before.

“Those who want to join let us know their intentions in the form of letters”.

“We provide them with designs, then they knit sweaters, and then they’re ready to ship”.

Luckily, the people tasked with rescuing the penguins created small jackets that the birds could wear temporarily to act as a protective barrier. Alfred Date was a really dedicated volunteer who helped a lot

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