What a sweet story: this caring veterinarian walks the streets and treats stray animals for free

 What a sweet story: this caring veterinarian walks the streets and treats stray animals for free

When there is kindness and love in the world, it seems like a wonderful place.

And the deeds of this California veteran simply restore confidence in humanity.

Meet Kwane Stewart, street veterinarian, a generous man who takes care of homeless animals for free.

A furry friend doesn’t care if you’re rich or not. Their love is sincere and unshakable.

However, due to the lack of medical attention when needed, the life of outdoor pets can be difficult.

That’s why this hero stepped in and decided to make life easier for these people and their four-legged friends.

It all started in 2011 when the 49-year-old veterinarian realized he needed to do something about the growing number of homeless animals. And his goal is simple: to help as many homeless people and their dogs as possible.

“I had a whole line before I knew it”, Stewart told CNN.

“Something I liked about him”. I did it again before deciding to just go outside and approach the homeless instead of waiting for them to come to me.

Since then, a kind veterinarian has been walking the streets of California to help. His gestures, no matter how modest they may be at times, bring so much pleasure to those he helps.

Stewart claims that this fateful meeting allowed him to see the world with new eyes and overcome his own prejudices.

“Before I started doing this job, I had my prejudices … about the homeless”, he admitted.

“Without knowing anything about them, you’re just making assumptions about their history”. You immediately realize that you have no idea why they are there.

Some stories, according to the veterinarian, deeply affected him. “I had the honor of witnessing the most authentic stories of love, compassion, suffering and hope”, he said.

“These homeless people take better care of their animals than we do”. They become more generous when they have a pet. They always make sure that their pet is well fed.

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