82-year-old Sophia Loren in a new photo shoot: incredible beauty and grace, despite her age

 82-year-old Sophia Loren in a new photo shoot: incredible beauty and grace, despite her age

Even at 82, Sophia Loren looks absolutely stunning and wonderful.

Sophia Loren does not even think about hiding her age, on the contrary, she is happy to prove to the whole world that even at 82 you can look absolutely stunning. After all, it was not for nothing that in 2014 the actress became the face of Damiani jewelry (the brand even named the collection in her honor), and in 2015 she signed a contract with Dolce & Gabbana and presented lipstick of the popular brand.

Who else can boast of such success?

Lauren loves attending social events, because she shines at them no worse than a bright star in the night sky: exquisite, tasteful outfits, elegant jewelry, impeccable figure and makeup. She can’t stop admiring her.

Of course, the actress has her own beauty secrets. Some of them she likes to share with other women. Every day, Sophia Loren drinks 8 glasses of water, uses extra virgin olive oil (takes it orally, applies it to the skin and adds it to the bath), and also wipes her face with ice cubes.

Sophie “sculpts” her figure and maintains proper nutrition and long walks.

A few secrets from Sophia Loren for all women: “A woman in a hat is impossible to forget”.

Sophie devotes a lot of time to physical activity. According to her, it is they who make a woman truly graceful. “Regular loads allow you to walk smoothly and majestically, as if the whole street belongs to you,” the actress admits.

The actress considers creativity, intelligence and talent to be the main sources of eternal youth. Lauren believes that they are able to win the fight with any age.

According to Sophie, no one considered her beautiful as a child. She was very thin and could not boast of attractive forms, like other girls. Yes, and in principle, Lauren believes that such things as beauty are determined only by the people around them. The artist herself tries to focus on more important things.

“Sitting down at the dressing table, every woman turns into an artist and plunges headlong into the world of art.”

In her free time, Sophie loves to read, go for walks and watch films with her participation. She admits that they help her to be transported back to the days of her youth. Every day, Lauren gets up at five in the morning, exercises, has breakfast and goes for a walk. Only after that Sophie proceeds to all other cases.

Strong, smart and beautiful Italian Sophia Loren will forever remain the standard of beauty for both women and men!

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