A kind and caring woman was able to help a Dachshund who, due to obesity, could not even move

 A kind and caring woman was able to help a Dachshund who, due to obesity, could not even move

If this dog didn’t lose weight, her life would be on the line.

The veterinarians notified the owner of Miri, an obese dog that could no longer be trained. If she had not lost weight, her life would have been ruined. After a few months, the dachshund became unrecognizable.

Obesity poses many health risks to dogs. Miri suffered from severe overweight, which threatened her life. Her owner was able to react to save her, according to Metro.

For Miri, a 7-year-old girl, weight problems began when her former owner became ill and could no longer walk.

He was then adopted by his current owner Jean Fitch. The 55-year-old man literally saved his life by helping him lose weight.

Miri was so fat that she could no longer walk. “Her back legs couldn’t support the weight.

Her belly and chest touched the ground,” says the fifty-year-old man. At the slightest physical exertion, she was out of breath and therefore unable to perform any activities, which kept her in a vicious circle that led her straight to disaster.

The veterinarians explained to Jean Fitch that the health and existence of the animal was now in danger. Miri just needs to lose weight. Her owner took this to heart and developed a plan to help her achieve her goal.

“My friends have a hard time believing it’s still Miri”

The dog was put on a diet along with an exercise program. In order not to upset her body, portions of food were gradually reduced. After 6 months, the result is unlikely. Now Miri weighs 6.3 kg, which is normal for a dachshund.

The transformation is such that “some friends ask me what happened to my ‘other dachshund’ and find it hard to believe it’s still Miri”, the Briton said.

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