A true unicorn: this unique dog’s owner left him alone, but he found his happiness

 A true unicorn: this unique dog’s owner left him alone, but he found his happiness

The dog had a unique appearance, he had only one ear located on his forehead.

Unicorns exist. At least one definitely lives in the US state of Michigan. We invite you to meet charming little Ray, whose unusual appearance has already attracted the attention of users.

The popularity of Ray the golden retriever on social media is growing at a record pace, with just a puppy video on TikTok gaining millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers in just a few days.

The dog has a unique appearance, it has only one ear, which is located on the forehead, which actually makes it look like a fairy-tale animal.

The baby was injured by his own mother, who cleansed the placenta too intensively and completely damaged his left ear.

The weakened baby ended up on the operating table at the Grand Rapids Veterinary Clinic just hours after birth.

And, although the doctors were not sure whether such a “micro patient” could undergo surgery, they still decided to give him a chance to get out.

For two days, having lost his hearing, Ray was under round-the-clock surveillance by staff. Ray’s popularity was partly driven by Samantha Smith, a medical technician at a veterinary clinic, who posted a photo of the puppy on her feed and received many comments and questions.

Ray’s real savior was Brianna Voorhees, it was she who brought the injured baby to the clinic where she works as an administrator.

And knowing the history of the woman, we can safely say that Brianna and her pet saved each other.

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