A wonderful reunion: this boy cries with happiness when he finds his beloved lost cat

 A wonderful reunion: this boy cries with happiness when he finds his beloved lost cat

The boy was overcome with emotion and broke down in tears when he saw his cat.

Although Franky is still a young cat and still learning a lot in life, one thing is clear to him. He adores his brother Liam. From the very beginning, the cat and Liam have become quite close and like to spend a lot of time together. The kitten loves to snuggle up and draw attention to Liam.

Liam’s mom Rachel Waugh told The Dodo:

“My son is completely attached to him. He loves animals and especially this cute kitten. The whole family was devastated when Franky suddenly disappeared due to life circumstances, but Liam was most saddened”.

Rachel went to great lengths to find the cat, including posting alerts, visiting shelters, and browsing various Facebook groups. Unfortunately, nothing came of it until one day, five weeks after Franky disappeared, someone posted on Facebook that they had found the kitten.

He was the next block and after seeing some of his Facebook photos, I contacted the man and found out he was right behind us.

The fact that he was found alive made Rachel very happy; now all they had to do was arrange a meeting.

It looks like one of her neighbors took him in and kept him safe in his house until his family could pick him up. In order to give Liam an unforgettable surprise, Rachel planned and arranged the entire meeting with Franky.

She informed Liam that they were going to pick up an Amazon item that had been shipped incorrectly.

When they both arrived at the neighbor’s house, they went inside to wait for the “gift” and Liam was shocked to see Frank in his neighbor’s arms. Liam broke down and cried as soon as he realized they had found his best friend.

Franky was glad to see his friend again despite being confused by what had happened. Frankie also recognized his brother.

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