A wonderful story: a cute kitten cried non-stop, and kind and caring people saved

 A wonderful story: a cute kitten cried non-stop, and kind and caring people saved

Finally this cat is saved and her life has completely changed.

A tricolor girl wanders into someone else’s yard in search of help, and her life is completely changed. At the same time, she has a friend who understands her that way.

Last month, a kind Florida resident was sitting at home when she heard a cat crying from the yard. It turned out that this tiny two-week-old kitten was calling for his mother.

People waited 24 hours, hoping for the return of the mother cat, but nothing happened. The kitten continued to cry, so people had to turn to local animal rights activists.

Having learned about this situation, volunteer Nadya did not stand aside. “She was incredibly hungry and screamed very loudly. I couldn’t say no”, says Nadya.

“The fragile two-week-old cutie weighed 200 grams. The first 48 hours were tough because she couldn’t get enough milk and she had an upset stomach, which is always bad for a tiny kitten”.

They named her Siena, and she was urgently prescribed antibiotics and round-the-clock resuscitation.

The patient work of the volunteers did a miracle: Sienna came to life and began to make great strides, learned to deftly take a pacifier and began to gain weight after frequent feedings.

She was grateful for the care and purred adorably after every meal.

Nadia gave Siena a “cuddle toy” so that the girl would not be so lonely.

As soon as Mom entered the room with the bottle, Siena quickly climbed out of her comfortable nest. As she patiently watched the food being prepared for her, the cutie turned her head in curiosity.

“She was always sweet, purring and flattering”, says Nadya.

After some time, Nadya got another single cutie, he was also two weeks old and was taken from the city shelter. The new cat’s name was Miles. So, the woman had two orphaned kittens in his arms and both of them needed a friend…

When they first met, it was true love at first sight. Miles immediately threw himself into the arms of the tricolor girl, and the two cute creatures merged into each other.

They fell asleep together as if they had been brother and sister since birth.

Together they were treated for infections, hugged and purred, helping each other to recover. Waking up in the morning, they rejoiced, looking at each other, and no longer fell asleep alone.

Sienna had already recovered and Miles still needed time. The support of his half-sister was a real happiness for him.

The girl’s fighting spirit was transferred to Miles, charging him every day and encouraging him to play and achieve success.

“Currently, she loves to go all out running around the house, fighting Miles and playing with toys”, says Nadya.

Sienna has become a very cocky and inquisitive girl!

She was picked up from the yard in a deplorable state, but she heroically survived and showed everyone her strong character.

“Sienna is already a big girl who can eat from a bowl and use the tray herself. She’s so sweet and sassy and I can’t wait to find new homes for him!”

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