Actress Patricia Clarkson Embraces Independence: Life without a Husband and Children

 Actress Patricia Clarkson Embraces Independence: Life without a Husband and Children

Patricia Clarkson speaks out on her decision not to have a husbandđŸ€”đŸ˜ł

Brendan Gleeson and Kevin Costner have been her spouses in various films. Her acting skills helped her to play the wife in those films.

The actress has had an interest in acting since a young age. She attended Fordham University as well as Yale School of Drama and has appeared in numerous films and television series.

She has caught the attention of many with her performances even those in which she plays a wife. In life, she has been vocal about not having children or a partner and settling down.

Back in August 2014, when she was promoting the comedy-drama movie “Last Weekend” she was asked about her role in the movie in which she plays a mother of two adult sons. She was asked which aspects of her character resemble her and which don’t.

She revealed that she has the ability to exercise control and that she tends to act on impulse.

The actress has been nominated for Oscar in a Supporting Role in 2004 for her performance in the film “Pieces of April” in which she also plays a mom.

However, she has expressed her decision not to marry and settle down and people act surprised that she has never been married she simply replies “No, I’ve never been divorced, darling.”

In an interview with Guardian in 2013, she was asked whether her decision not to get married was one that was made on purpose.

She revealed that she has had relationships and she wouldn’t trade that for the world and went on saying that she has never been interested in marriage and having kids. It’s not in her gene.

She didn’t go into detail about her private life but she did reveal that she goes on dates. Aside from her relationship with Campbell Scott, other relationships of hers are not known to the public.

Clarkson was recognized for her role in “Sharp Objects” as she won both Critics Choice Awards and Golden Globes.

Following her win of Critics Choice, she was asked to name the finest day of her life “other than weddings and births”. She replied that she has done neither and it is simply victorious and went on to say that she has been engaged once.

Her parents met in high school and have been together ever since and she admires them but doesn’t want to replicate.

Clarkson’s lasting relationship has been with her dog named Beaux.

She has a flirtatious nature which is noticeable during interviews, especially when she speaks about her costars. She said that she fell in love with Martin Scorsese when working on “Shutter Island” in a “pure way”.

When working on “State of the Union”, she revealed that she had a crush on Gleeson.

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