Amazing marriage: 89-year-old billionaire married a 27-year-old beauty. How was their union arranged

 Amazing marriage: 89-year-old billionaire married a 27-year-old beauty. How was their union arranged

It might seem interesting that a young girl married an old man.

In 1994, the famous model Anna Nicole Smith married 89-year-old wealthy James Howard Marshall II. These relations immediately began to be actively discussed by the public. People believed that she was selfish and married only for money.

Anna Nicole Smith was very popular in the nineties. The attractive blonde knew exactly how to present herself in order to succeed.

The model’s name was Vicki Lynn Hogan. She was born and raised in the most ordinary family, nothing stood out. Her mother was exclusively involved in her upbringing.

The girl’s first marriage did not bring her happiness. Her husband left her and she was left alone with her child.

Anna was a woman with brown hair, her body was very desirable. The old billionaire James Howard Marshall II managed to notice her charm and unusualness. She was already over 80.

In his youth, by the way, he stood out for his amazing attractiveness. He was married twice, and both marriages lasted about 30 years. Unfortunately, his last wife died, and the children have already become adults. James felt alone. He decided to marry a pretty girl.

Paid for her plastic surgery – he bought a lot of expensive things. He once bought her jewelry for $2 million. With him Anna became a bright blonde and took on a pseudonym.

The model married James in 1994. During the celebration, Anna was in a white dress, and her chosen one was sitting in a wheelchair.

Naturally, no one even believed that there was at least a grain of love in these relationships.

She had more friendly relations with her husband. A young girl brightened up his loneliness, so he gave her money and gifts.

The marriage lasted 14 months. James died of a contagious disease when he was 90 years old. It should be noted that Anna always took care of him until he left her at the last minute. And he, no doubt, was waiting for his death, planning that he would inherit it.

But the cunning old man left nothing to his young wife. She was furious and sued to get at least something from her stepson.

The fate of the model after the death of James was rather sad. She survived him by only 12 years. In 2007, Anna fell ill with pneumonia and could not overcome it.

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