Amazing story: this brave dog was able to save his owner’s life from a snake bite

 Amazing story: this brave dog was able to save his owner’s life from a snake bite

The shaggy baby saved his owner from being bitten by a rattlesnake.

The loyalty of dogs has been known for a long time. Books are written about it, films are made, legends are invented.

Few people have not heard of dogs like Balto or Hachiko. But puppy Todd, although still a newborn, has already managed to prove his devotion and show the best qualities of dogs.

Todd’s owner Paula Godwin of Arizona says the fluffy toddler saved her from a snakebite.

Now Todd has recovered and is helping to save other four-legged pets throughout the United States.

On June 29, Paula, as usual, went for a walk with her pets, deciding to walk along the hill. The morning turned out to be very beautiful, admiring the landscape, Paula did not immediately notice a rustling snake under her feet.

But puppy Todd reacted with lightning speed. This is how Paula described her pet’s brave act.

Everything happened almost instantly. The snake bit Todd and began to shake the ribbon on its tail, threatening and warning the others.

Paula Godwin took the puppy in her arms and the whole trio ran to the veterinary clinic as soon as possible. After 20 minutes, the doctor injected Todd with the necessary antidote.

The puppy didn’t look good. The cheek, where the snake bite had landed, was swollen, the muzzle was full of blood.

Paula asked people on Facebook to pray for Todd’s recovery. Godwin’s post received 4,000 likes. And soon after the WeRateDogs community posted about the puppy’s heroic deed, nearly 500,000 people retweeted the post. Many have commented.

“Todd deserves the best treatment and hugs in the world”.

There was even a short video about this story. The swelling on the four-legged actor’s face has subsided a bit, and Todd looks as usual playful and cheerful.