«Super result!» Old kitchen with an area of only 5 sq. m. has become every woman’s dream space

 «Super result!» Old kitchen with an area of only 5 sq. m. has become every woman’s dream space

The miserable kitchen has turned into a chic one!😍👏🏻This little place needed an urgent reboot👨‍🔧🙌🏻This is how 5️⃣ m² turned into a dream thanks to the laconic interior🪑🩷It’s bright and pleasant now, see here⬇️

We were faced with the task of transforming an old kitchen with an area of 5 m². Similar rooms can be found in apartments in old residential buildings.
Everything in this outdated kitchen needed updating, from the furniture and appliances to the wallpaper on the walls. A complete transformation was urgently required. First of all, it was necessary to remove the furniture and equipment, then the walls were cleared of the old coating.

All surfaces were leveled before the renovation began. White was chosen as the main color, which gave the space a fresh feel. Appliances and furniture were also in the same shade. The result was very beautiful and stood out for its brightness and coziness.

The main mistake when arranging a kitchen is the desire to increase the amount of storage space. We decided to place all the furniture and equipment along one wall.
The refrigerator was installed near the window, and a microwave was placed above it. At first glance, it seems that this distribution is not very convenient, but kitchen owners rarely use this, which is why everything is convenient for them.

An oven and a gas hob were placed near the refrigerator. A black sink was installed there and the result was spectacular and stylish.

The equipment was distributed in such a way as not to occupy all the space. The upper cabinets were designed for food, providing convenient access to them, and the lower cabinets for storing dishes.
An interesting point in the kitchen design is that we decided not to mask the gas pipe. The result is a clean and minimalist look. A convenient transformable table was placed in the kitchen, which can easily be moved to the living room and have a family holiday dinner there.
A laconic interior with kitchen cabinets and appliances created the impression of spaciousness in this small kitchen. This design makes the kitchen more cozy.

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