«This was built by a pensioner!» Grandma built tiny house as a retirement solution and was surprised herself

 «This was built by a pensioner!» Grandma built tiny house as a retirement solution and was surprised herself

«Everything with her own hands!»👏🤩She couldn’t believe that she could build such a house herself, but the result was incredible🧓👍For more interesting photos see in the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

When Allison retired she decided to build a tiny house and was happy with how it turned out. Allison built her tiny house to live peacefully in nature.

Seven years ago, a woman realized that when she retired she would not be able to live in a house with rent. She worked in a company that did not offer any pension. So, I finally decided to build my own tiny house.

A woman loves to spend time in the living room․ The sofa includes two shelves located on the sides and completed with a mattress that can serve as both a sofa and a bed․ Removable shelves have been added at the bottom of the sofa for convenient storage.

A woman has a favorite chair that sits next to an oil radiator to keep her warm. A wooden block serves as a simple coffee table. There is a counter next to the sofa, high enough for working and eating.

Allison created some of the shelves herself in a women’s woodshop. Allison has plenty of space in her kitchen for meal.

Her sink is deep and holds pots and pans. Notably, there is a neat white wall opposite the sink, which hides more storage space.

Behind the wall is a washing machine and dryer, and under it are other household tools and next to it is her refrigerator. The space under the stairs is equipped with shelves and containers for storing things. Allison gave
functionality and efficiency of the bathroom.

The bathroom has a toilet, narrow vanity and sink, and a walk-in shower. Everything in her bathroom is innovative, including the hoop that holds up the shower curtain! The bedroom is located in the attic.

The home receives plenty of natural light thanks to the windows, which also offer beautiful views of the outdoors. Since the house is small, Allison used every square inch to store clothes. Allison loves spending time outdoors.

She created this space to spend great time drinking coffee or tea with family or friends. This space has turned into a real paradise. Take a look and share your views in the comments section.


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