«And this is by the hands of a grandma?» The grandma turned the worst apartment into a dream home

 «And this is by the hands of a grandma?» The grandma turned the worst apartment into a dream home

«This old woman was ridiculed, but the result of her idea is amazing!»👏A grandma bought a destroyed apartment and remodeled it🤩👍It turned out just perfect, before and after see here⬇️⬇️⬇️

This elderly woman bought an old apartment in a small town. The woman’s choice was interesting because, from among many options, she decided to buy an apartment with an old renovation and was ready for renovation.

Since she was a single woman, she decided to renovate the apartment with the help of a professional designer, with whom she discussed all the details according to her taste.

The space had an area of 6.4 square meters. m painted in a light shade. A light palette was chosen for the walls, and marble-like porcelain tiles were laid on the floor. There was a storage system with hangers at the entrance. Opposite the entrance there was a dressing room.

The owner of the house decided not to combine the kitchen and living room, and designed the kitchen separately. Marble-like porcelain tiles were also laid on the floor. Under one wall there was kitchen furniture, which was in light colors, with part of the glass facades.

Opposite they placed a table for lunch with comfortable chairs.

There is also a place to relax and store additional things.

Living room
The floor of the living room was covered with engineered wood and the walls were painted and decorated with moldings. On the left was a shelving system where books and dishes were stored.

Opposite the TV there is a cozy sofa corner with an armchair and a pouf in green.


The shade of the bedroom was the same as throughout the apartment. Opposite the bed there is a built-in wardrobe up to the ceiling and a TV.

Bathroom and toilet
The owner decided to renovate the bathroom and toilet separately, which she considered more convenient. Porcelain tiles were laid and painted with moisture-resistant paint.

The bathroom had a full bath and a washing machine opposite the sink.

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