Happy family: this big and unique family lives in an old restored school bus

 Happy family: this big and unique family lives in an old restored school bus

This unusual family lives on a school bus and is absolutely happy.

In America and parts of Europe, Vanlife (living on buses) is a completely normal and common way of life. On social media, many families who are in favor of living on buses regularly share their own experiences and the challenges they faced while getting used to this lifestyle.

One family from America decided to radically change their lifestyle, inspired by their exciting experiences and an unusual and at the same time attractive way of life.

A few years ago, Adam was in big trouble and had a lot of hardships. At the time, his beloved wife was on maternity leave with two small children. They had very little money and Adam could not solve his financial problems. But everything has changed dramatically for the better.

It was in the process of overcoming difficulties that Adam came up with a creative idea – to transfer to a restored bus. In fact, he was inspired and motivated by an Englishman living on the bus, and Adam suggested that they certainly try, although it seemed rather risky and difficult. And soon they began to make their dream a reality.

They only paid $1,000 for this old school bus, which at first looked rather outdated and unattractive.

The couple joined forces and creativity and managed to transform this dull old place into a modern and cozy home. They began to travel and admire the beautiful places in America, which they had never known before.

This fateful decision prevented them from getting a divorce, and they found a completely new and happy life together.

Family life is now much more interesting, full of emotions and joy. They used to have little money to pay rent and couldn’t afford much of what they wanted, but that’s changed now.

The couple goes shopping twice a month, and now they have much more time to take care of raising children. The family hopes that they will always travel and never run into problems like before.

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